Is Medical Insurance Required or Not

The are so many questions surrounding this subject and it appears that few know the answers. I read a lot on various Portuguese forums and noticed that some people under the age of retirement, are deterred from living in Portugal based on the understanding that medical insurance is a must at some astronomical cost. Below … Read more

Transferwise dot com

Doing a little investigation it seems that transferwise dot com offers good rates. An investigation on reviews suggests that this could be a good way of transferring money around the world with less expense than typical banks. More investigation is require though so I’ll update this posting when I discover more about this company and … Read more

A Reality Check is Needed

I shall be leaving for Portugal very soon so as usual I’ve been busy on the forums etc. reading all I can about this that and the other. The forums are my educators and I do try to be a good student. I read a very interesting post today on a forum I visit often. … Read more

Detailed Rail Map of Portugal

By Rail Life is always easier if you can figure out where you are and where you’re going. With the Portuguese railway map illustrated below, it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. To make your journey by rail, in Portugal, follow the link here to a > Railway timetable in English . You can enter you desired start location and destination where … Read more