A Visit to Tomar

I have a problem and that’s on where to live in Portugal. For the first time ever in my life, I’m in a position to live wherever takes my fancy. I don’t need to worry about work and I’m mobile, so I don’t need to consider transportation links too much. Having said that, it would … Read more

Do we really need it

Living in Portugal is totally different to the UK and many other countries also. I tend to describe Portugal as a country in some kind of time warp. You sure do have to adapt and if you’re not able to, perhaps you’ll not survive in this wondrous place. It suites me fine as I don’t … Read more

Via Verde and the Post Office

This is Simple I’m loving it here and I really do consider it as home. In some ways, I feel totally relaxed as never before but there is a small degree of tension due to Brexit. What the hell, the UK has nothing to offer me and I feel that even with possible future problems, … Read more

Brexit Final

This for me is a very sad day because I love Portugal and now wonder what will happen in the future. It has been my wish to reside officially in a beautiful country. A country where I so wished to embrace and become a part of. But now, the future for my dreams is held … Read more

Finally A and P Meet

A few days ago I met someone that I’d been in contact with on and off for perhaps three or four years since I first seriously considered moving to Portugal. I had followed this persons blog with the greatest of interest for a considerable amount of time and truly felt that I know this person. … Read more