Pt. 001 – Learning Portuguese

Prologue Here, I am going to write a series on how I learn Portuguese. It will be listed under the category ‘Learning Portuguese’ so easily found on the left category list. Each entry post title shall be listed as Pt. 001, Pt. 002, Pt. 003 and so on to maintain order if viewed as a … Read more

Is It a Bed of Roses or the Glasses

I have had a wonderful day today in my Portugal, relaxing, enjoying the warmth and appreciating the cloudless endless blue skies all around me. I awoke at my own leisure to the chirping of birds through the open doorway of the place where I can feel safe and secure. There have been no problems apart … Read more

My Research – All Wrong

I’m not argumentative, just interested I do seem to like investigating areas and place names. At the moment, I’m living near Miranda do Corvo, Coimbra and it got me thinking about where the name may have originated from. There is one suggestion as listed in Wikipedia, that to my mind, seams unlikely in part and … Read more

Do You Need the Portuguese Keyboard

Lexibar is a small toolbar that gives rapid access to special characters not always available on your keyboard. To use, either click on the special characters to insert them directly into your word processor or drag and drop them (using the left-hand mouse button). If these methods do not function, you can copy the characters … Read more

Correct Me – Please

I’ve been here a little time now and when listening to some locals speak I manage to pick up a few words here and there. They will be the common words such as Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite. Dias da semana or is it dias das semanas, os números and similar. As this is the case, … Read more