Continue with Linguaphone

This Portuguese language sure is difficult. Is it any wonder so many fail in their attempts when the educational material is so poor in the case of European Portuguese. I was speaking to my sister the other day. She lives in Spain and speaks the lingo – somewhat. With her, I was discussing my efforts … Read more

Portugal Dreamers

I had a Dream A Relaxing Life in Portugal With Less Stress It  Started at My Old Home Perhaps 13 Years Ago Traffic Night and Day with Little in the way of Garden and Parking The Journey Began to Live the Dream It May Not be Easy but Achievable in Small Steps For Me – … Read more

The New Beginning

It has been some time since my last post and I’ve been disappointed with myself for not being able to keep things up to date. The last few months have had their ups and downs with one major problem being the lack of an internet connection. Until a short time ago, I had none so … Read more