Shopping for the Wrong Ingredients

Today whilst I was out gathering ingredients for a receipt I’d decided to make, I misread or misunderstood the label on the packaging I’d picked up, and also, failed to buy flat-leaf parsley. It is not the first time I have done this. As this happened before, instead of producing a mishmash of a concoction … Read more

I Think I Live Here

I think this is my address. It would be thought that one knows where they live. That’s not necessarily the case. It all started like this. Prior to the purchase of my property in Portugal, I was informed by the agent working for ERA that the property had electric and water connected and in the … Read more

Not So Easy for Everyone

Never Ending Work. I’ve been busy since my arrival here tending the gardens. It all came to a halt with torrential rains that seemed to go on for days and days where it became much colder with overcast skies. It sure was cold and being from the UK, it might be though I’d be used … Read more

Disappearing Vowel Sounds

One for Sherlock Holmes: Interesting video and website where I hope there is a follow-up to the current video soon. Have you ever been confused by the way Portuguese natives pronounce their sentences? I sure have and even if we, as learners, know the individual words, when used together they can sound completely unfamiliar. It seems … Read more