First Impressions

  Steps Lacking Attention I’m sure that people in the UK are very different to those in Portugal. In fact, a friend of mine here, that works part time for an estate agent, says, “I suggest to people that they do a little cleaning and tidying of the property prior to the photos being taken”. … Read more

Painting the Metal Railings

  Rust Metal Railings There was a great deal of very rusty metal railings at my property and I thought when I first started this painting job, that it would never end. There was in-ground dirt, flaking paint and rust and even a few little metalwork repair jobs also. A few months ago I purchase … Read more

Back and With Rust Remover

I’ve been away for some time now and therefore, nothing much has happened but now I’m back, perhaps I’ll get back on track again. It always seems that you make plans and then, something unexpected happens and everything has to be changed and re-planning is required. When I left Portugal my garden was wonderful and … Read more

Back I Hope

  The Ferry Crossing I had to return to the UK to sort out a few issues. You would think that in this day and age, given telecommunications, everything could be done from almost anywhere. That’s not the case in reality when certain institutions require face to face contact. It was a trip that I … Read more