The Portuguese Axeman

They are gone. All those trees I used to hug. Obliterated and now nothing more than harmless stumps in the ground. Stumps that will try to relive but are not permitted to do so because the law says no. Their height has been changed by a murderous chainsaw from trunks to lengths of timber and … Read more

Execution of Death in Portugal

It Ends With Sadness There is to be a death sentence in Portugal. No, I am incorrect, there are to be millions upon millions. The victims are not all together at fault of their own demise. Others, so many others are ultimately responsible and yet, the sentence is against so much innocence. I talk of … Read more

Clearing Land Portugal – Law Translation

Please satisfy yourself of this Google translation of the Original Law. Law Translation Follows: Law No. 76/2017 of August 17 Amends the National Forest Defense System against Fires, making the fifth amendment to Decree-Law no. 124/2006, of June 28 The Assembly of the Republic decrees, in terms of letter c) of article 161 of the … Read more

The Story of My Sorry Car

Those things that have four wheel and get you from A to B, you know the car, can cause so much trouble in life, and perhaps even more so in Portugal due the the high cost of such luxurious items. I have and still possess my beautiful useless UK registered car in Portugal. It’s useless … Read more