Today is Photo Day – April 22nd 2018

Today is hobby day and photography is my hobby, or one of many. The day, Sunday 22nd April 2018, started wet and overcast and I decided to write a post about the blossom that shall be presented at some later time. Because the blossom is only on some trees, I decided to photograph what’s there now for the later post.

The Hillbilly of Portugal

It finally happened. I changed my life. I travelled far and long, across oceans with high seas and killer waves onto new lands and across mountains and rutty tracks to eventually find paradise and become the English Hillbilly of Portugal. All I need now is a still to produce Moonshine, a clay pipe and dirty … Read more

Who Cares About the Posts

This post is in part due to a reply I receive from someone called David. He sent me a message following my previous post about my inner feelings. Us bloggers don’t always receive much feedback, but on occasions, there is feedback that strikes a chord within the heart and it’s appreciated that a reader would … Read more