A Death Could Have Been Prevented

The demise of a human. It was funny so I have to tell. Because I bought a crap quality dog harness that failed to unclip after a single use, from the Chinese shop, I went to return it. Extra clean Chinese woman without the face mask takes the item from me and starts to inspect … Read more

Obidos – A Portuguese Fortified Town

There was a time many moons ago when I used to wonder how much pleasure one would derive from taking a day trip on a coach. I’ve always loved the freedom that a car can provide. This said, I’ve started to discover that as a car passenger, you’re able to concentrate fully on what you’re … Read more

Dog – Remain Loved

This blog post is perhaps a very special one. There are times when people go through a bad patch in life and then something else happens to make what was a bad situation seem even worse. It can happen to all of us and maybe, it’s part of our fate. Am I experiencing the same … Read more

Let that Useless Dog Die

It’s only a dog. Who cares? It’s a stray, with no home and no love. It deserves to be run over. The discomfort and obvious pain is not my concern or that of anyone else. Let it die, the useless creature. Portugal is a wonderful country but it has issues. One of them is the … Read more