New Ceiling Challenge

When I first started looking for a property in Portugal, I discovered that many had major problems with woodworm. That is, where the property was constructed extensively from wood. I will admit that initially I was looking at houses that were cheap because at that time, funds were limited. However, on my available monies increasing … Read more

Spirit Levels

Spirit levels. Those things with a little bubble centred at the mid point along a length of metal. Portugal has them, I’ve seen them in the shops but that’s about the only place I’ve seen them. I’ve not seen them used in Portugal and my house is a testament to that. If I had a … Read more

The Honeymood Period Ended

You know when people talk about the honeymoon period. The bliss, the great happiness and total contentment. The period when you thought you’d married that most wonderful person in the world if not the whole god forsaken universe, until, you discover they came from hell if not the very centre of the earth or some … Read more