A Death Could Have Been Prevented

The demise of a human. It was funny so I have to tell. Because I bought a crap quality dog harness that failed to unclip after a single use, from the Chinese shop, I went to return it.

Extra clean Chinese woman without the face mask takes the item from me and starts to inspect the clip. Slowly, her personality changed as she handles the poisoned dog item used on a single occasion and never crapped or urinated on either by me or dog.

The Chinese woman without mask twitches her nose from the imaginary stench of this item. Then she inspects her hands for signs of dog hairs. She sees none but the germs are working hard to attack their victim. Again trying to unclip the Chinese product, she notices a few tiny hairs upon said item and she then knew, she was doomed to an unpleasant end.

I felt so sorry for this poor unmasked person as slowly she begins to blubber and dissolve down onto the floor as a liquefied mess of body fluids, fat and crumbling bones still clutching the infected dog item.

Then a hand appears at counter level holding both upper and lower jaw parts devoid of facial tissue, and between the two, a receipt is requested where upon presentation, the jaw bone’s instruction was to fetch another as no refund could be made after 14 days.

I returned with the crappy replacement and only the raised hand remained on the lip of the counter, now clutching the dog harness in an attempt to create distance between a slender skeleton upon the floor and the poisoned item. I look over and now see a mass of stinking body fluids with fats congealing.

Also, human bones are about. There is the other hand, outstretched and within centimeters of a clean fresh face mask that could have prevented this horrible end.

It Does Not End There

There is further sadness because the Chinese shop behind Intermarché in Ferreira do Zezere is now short of a member of staff all because of a dog harness.

This Dog is Responsible

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