A Delivery From Spain to Portugal

It has taken so long for me to be repatriated with all my personal belongings. Perhaps the word repatriated is the incorrect term, but it’s the one used in this instance anyway.

Four years ago to the month, I had all my belongings shipped to Spain from the UK. Spain was a matter of convenience as both my sister and parents have properties there and, at least it got my stuff south of the English channel and into true Europe.

Having the goods forwarded to Portugal, I would never envisaged as being anywhere near as difficult and expensive as became the case. It is so, as almost no delivery companies undertake transportation between Spain and Portugal it would seem. Neither the expense nor difficulty matter now, as it’s done and dusted as the saying goes.

It became an unfortunate necessity that I had to a drive to the Almeria area of Spain to oversee the loading of my possessions and a rapid return was required for a delivery the following day.

Jimbo the Delivery Company

Following this removal and on reflection, I find it funny. If I had been asked to list in detail, what I required brought here to Portugal, I would have been way short in my list. I truly forgot just how much there was and what there was.

I have a large house here in Portugal and I was fortunate in that the house came fully furnished to include various items such as pots and pans, knives and forks, along with beds, bedding and sofas. In actual fact, I could have lived happily without the delivery. That said, it sure is nice to have what’s arrived for even with the property being equipped with quality items, my possessions collected over many years, make the place just that bit more homely. Perhaps it’s the pictures and ornaments. Who knows?

I shall finalise by saying, one thing, I am pleased that I had little in the way of furniture to be delivered. Why? I now have too many beds, pots, pans, linen ware and everything else to include two washing machines and yet another dining table.

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