A Javali Visit Under the Cover of Darkness

Javali – My new Portuguese word. I must say I never thought I’d write a post about wild boar. Well they paid me a visit last night and uprooted a fair few metres of land. It’s not an area I’m particularly bothered about, but if they did it to one place, then there is a good chance they will visit again and do similar in others areas I’m more concerned about. There is shooting that goes on around my area, and I suspect that it’s these nuisance creatures that are the victim to a bullet in the head. Sorry, I’ve got no sympathy for you wild boar and at least, you’ll provide for the BBQ.

Having had this problem of the natural world, I now have a couple of thoughts. One is on personal safety, and the other, a means of keeping the wretched created at bay.

Wild Boar Damage

As these not so friendly pieces of pork pie do the damage they do, perhaps I’ve had a change of heart and not think, live and let live on this occasion. Given that, perhaps I’ll source a machine gun, plenty of ammunition and then sit on my veranda equipped with a heat come and motion detector wired to high power search lights. When all sets off, exterminate the none human blighters en masse.

On the issue of personal safety, I shall contemplate lessons in the art of bull fighting and becoming a certified Matador

3 thoughts on “A Javali Visit Under the Cover of Darkness

  1. According to this page (sorry in Portuguese only) the Javali are a plague in some areas and could besides destroying fields, provoke accidents and bring diseases to other animals and the human been. If they are visiting regularly your property then as immediate solution a fence or call the local hunting association “clube de caçadores”.


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