A Premature Delivery

Talk about a rush. Well I sure had one on my hands. When I first booked the removal company it seemed that the delivery of all my wonderful possessions would take an absolute age to arrive in Continental Europe. Now I say Continental Europe for a reason, and that is, because even though my dream is to reside in Portugal, the delivery was to be made to the Andalusia area of Spain. Some may say, why? The truth is that it was cheaper to have my possessions delivered to Spain (yuck) than put the stuff in storage in the UK until I sorted something in Portugal. Also, I do have accommodation available to me in that illegal build land of lost hope. The rush I mentioned at the start of this post came about due to me being a cheapskate. Cheapskate me on booking the removal company got a far better deal if I was happy if my delivery was to go as a part load sometime in the distant future. But, oh dear, the distant future became a very prompt delivery indeed.

The promptness sure did cause me a problem as the delivery was to arrive on the 15th October and as luck would have it, nobody was available to unlock the property gates or the garage where these worldly possessions were to reside for the foreseeable future. This really was bad luck as my sister,who lives very close by, was also in the UK at the time of delivery. Bad luck again.

Me being me, to overcome this hiccup in time management decided to drive to the land of illegal builds and lost hope just to open the property gates and garage door. Why not fly one may ask. Well that’s another story that I’ll not go into at this point and besides, it’s only about 2500 miles round trip give or take.