A Reality Check is Needed

I shall be leaving for Portugal very soon so as usual I’ve been busy on the forums etc. reading all I can about this that and the other. The forums are my educators and I do try to be a good student.

I read a very interesting post today on a forum I visit often. Basically it was about someone or rather a couple that were looking to buy a ruin and renovate it. It was a particularly interesting thread because you were able to follow their chain of thoughts and travels through Portugal.

Their questions started just prior to their UK departure and it was obvious that they were asking questions before they had even undertake to read anything or even do some basic research. One of the questions was, what’s the weather like in Portugal? Does a poster not think to consider mentioning a time of year and area within Portugal. This question they asked two weeks before their UK departure and I think, they were on their 6th post at a popular forum.

Only the slightest amount of investigation would have told them the weather in Portugal varies enormously from location to location and even within small areas and that does not even consider time of year. Another thing that also amuses me is that a poster can become convinced that their new life is to be in da, da, da simply because one person says that area was really nice. I’m sure that Neil Armstrong would have said the Moon was a beautiful place but I can’t see anyone really, really wanting to live there. Well, not until there is a Costa Coffee and McDonald’s on the edge of some crater anyway.

The story goes that this couple traveled in their camper van from top to bottom of Portugal and became very disillusioned by a time they got to Tavira simply because they were unable to find a luxurious ruin within their price range. They ended up in Tavira simply because someone suggested that there were some good deals to be had down there. I dare say there are, but what’s good for one is not good for the other.

I know that the British are conditioned to undertake DIY as and when possible. I have and do, but there are limits for the average do it yourself person and a few simple checks on the webby will tell you, ruins are not your normal DIY stuff. This is especially so, when what can be described as habitable, is far from such in the eyes of the average UK citizen.

Talk about rose tinted glasses. A reality check is needed.

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