Not so much about Portugal and my big move, but I did think I would be registering my BMW 520D there. This post is a follow-up to “Counting Your Chickens – Don’t”. That was a warning to those on limited income. However, following the purchase of poisonous fuel, or more correctly, sold a mixture of diesel and petrol instead of pure diesel, in the land of illegal builds and lost hope – Spain. I thought that the engine had been written off. After that, I was going to sell the car as a non-runner. Fortunately, Saga, who I’d recommend 100%, agreed to foot the bill for the repair. Well done and thank you Saga.

I had said to my son that he could have the car as a non-runner, but with the aid of Saga, Junior loves his Daddy even more as, Juniors’ dream came true when he got his old mans car. Now up from a small engined basic Ford, he has a nippy little machine with cream leather, auto transmission and all the things young men love about a car. A special thanks to Saga.