I have a problem and that’s on where to live in Portugal. For the first time ever in my life, I’m in a position to live wherever takes my fancy. I don’t need to worry about work and I’m mobile, so I don’t need to consider transportation links too much. Having said that, it would be sensible to consider that not always will I wish to drive or in time, be able too. That’s thinking long term for sure and also, I and others do need to consider that what is great for today, may not necessarily be ideal in the future. Personally, I think that anyone wishing to purchase property and reside in Portugal needs to keep in the forefront of their mind, that it’s easy to purchase property, but potentially difficult to sell it.

Portugal really is an oddball in that there is so much choice in the way of property available, and that boggles the mind. What you see on the likes of Remax and ERA is but a fraction of what is truly available. It should also be noted that such agents, to a fair degree, are aimed at the outsider to Portugal and therefore, purchases through them, could well be an expensive option. In the space of 3 weeks, I have been offered the purchase of numerous properties from ruins to a 40,000 meter property in Castelo Branco. In that case, it was my new Portuguese bank manager, where I’m lead to believe, he’s been trying to sell it for many years. Cost, euros 80,000 for a mini Isle of Wright size plot with no takers to date.

There is a saying and it is, the world is your oyster and that sure is the case for me, or so I like to think. It is most odd that now I am in Portugal, it becomes a slight problem on where to settle. Without doubt, I’ll find the ideal place given time.

Portugal, I feel is a magical place and for those that think I’m being dramatic, think again. It is a country with such a huge diversity in every way imaginable. From North to South the differences are unbelievable both visually and climate wise. In a matter of 25 km, the climate can vary hugely with many micro climates. As an example, a few days ago I traveled from where I am now in Miranda do Corvo to Gondramaz, a schist village high in the mountains. Gondramaz is only 7 km from Miranda do Corvo, but the similarities between the two places could not be more different, including a 10 or 12 degree difference in temperature. Gondramaz is a place well worth visiting, if in the area. It’s a place where time has forgotten, but it does have electricity and fresh water.

Today I visited Tomar to get some kind of idea as to what the place is like. I did like it and spent some time walking around but all in all, I felt it was not for me as the geography failed to appeal being somewhat built-up, having said that, the fact that the place offered an abundance of shops and a great number of people to communicate with, I felt, could be suitable. Oh dear, how does one decide.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the world is my oyster but that being the case, there are still difficulties in determining what really appeals to me and what priority are the priorities to place first.

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