Arriving in the Land of Tapas & Sangria

It’s not good to drink on an empty stomach so forget the Sangria and look at the Tapas and have a drool. So much better than Frog legs and bad attitude available in France.

The journey to Spain was via Portsmouth to Cherbourg, France and then over and down to the Pyrenees Mountains. My girlfriend Jane, otherwise know as TomTom played navigator with backup being my mother dependent on conventional memory and trusted paper maps. Mother had decided to hitch a lift to her place in the Sun and was more than welcome as she was holding the keys to the villas I required entry to. Now it is said you can’t have two women in a mans life without problems. Believe me, this is true even if one, being Jane (TomTom) is my favoured navigator. Both appeared to have differing ideas as to the most appropriate route. Jane won the day as I travel with her far more frequently.

Originally, it had been planned that we would stay in a hotel overnight. This appeared to have gone by the wayside and we arrived near to the base of the Pyrenees Mountains with Jane’s help only to find that the tunnel she had planned us to use was closed for repairs. Needless to say, hitting Jane’s alternative route button took us over the misty mountains at about 02.00 hrs. This more adventurous route required the use of fog lights and a huge degree of trust from my mother at this late hour in the misty mountains. Needless to say, my ability was impeccable with the use of the FOG LIGHTS.

Finally, we crossed over into Spain and immediately, Mother felt at home. My welcome was soon blighted as only a few miles into Spain, I was pulled over by the police. It seems that it is an offence to drive with trusted fog lights. These I’d forgotten to switch off. Papers, papers, passaporta, blab, blab, blab. After a slap on the wrist I’m free to go. Following one more checkup from the police as to why I sitting in a lay-by in the middle of the night resulted in our final arrival at said illegal build villa in Zurgena, Almeria to find it still standing and free of a bulldozer in the driveway.