Asterix and Obelix on TV

A few days ago I posted that I had visited Tomar. First I did so as a day out, but also, I wanted to see if it was a place that perhaps I would like to move to. That, at this time, is of little importance.

What may be of interest to some was that whilst on my return from Tomar I stopped at a little cafe shop on the N110 in a place called São Simão. It’s a little itty bitty place with nothing much there apart from beautiful scenery. During my stop I expected to do little more than have a quick coffee or should I say um galão as I’m trying to learn Portuguese. My stop turned out to be rather interesting where I spent in excess of an hour there in delightful company. Apart from learning from the ‘a senhora‘ owner that over the years the British have been exploited property price wise and on the prices charged for coffee also, that her mother never learnt to read or write. A senhora eu falar com was really somewhat interesting.

 I have been correct in the last sentence above.

A senhora com quem falei foi mesmo interessante. (falei is the past of “falar” eu falei ,tu falaste, ele falou, etc,…) The lady with whom I spoke

A senhora spoke very good English and she was telling me that due to the fact her mother could not read or write, she had taught her how by watching television programs with subtitles on in either English or Portuguese.

So far, in my case I have relied very much on books, CD’s and some Youtube content in an attempt to learn Portuguese where I’ve been having trouble following much content due to my poor listening comprehension. Today, I thought I’d give the television idea a go and watched Asterix & Obelix with the subtitles in Portuguese. By jove, it is something that helps and even though I was unable to understand much of what I was reading, it did challenge beneficially my ability to quickly collect written words and decipher their meaning and see their spelling. In the case of Asterix & Obelix, the program was not in Portuguese so I had the sound turned down and just read the subtitles. It does help.

Another point here is that the learning of a language is a two was street in that the Portuguese are using us Brits and other English speakers to practice their own English at every opportunity. Who can blame them. In my case, what I am doing is mixing my Portuguese with English in communications and have become brazen and non ashamed in my attempts.

The other day I asked for fish in Lidl. I did not want fish I just wanted to see if the way I used the words were correct. I was directed to the fish counter so it did work. Hip hip hooray.