Back and to, back and to the Truck Goes

I’m not very happy this morning as from my living room I see a big logging truck going back and to, back and to along the front of my property. What was the driver trying to do?

I investigated and it seemed he was trying to reverse his long vehicle around the bend into a lane at the end of my driveway. On yet another attempt, I see the conifer trees within my garden swaying and hear a grinding noise at which point, the driver engages his forward gear and trundles off to a new location. I investigate only to find part of the garden wall demolished and the driveway gate jammed shut. Needless so say, comments to myself were not polite.

A few minutes later, after obviously attempting the same maneuvers in a more appropriate location, the logging vehicle passes my property again travelling in the opposite direction having achieved his goal of turning the vehicle around. It was unfortunate, that at this point, I never managed to get his vehicle registration.

A short time later, I see red within the trees and figure it’s the offending vehicle and so, take chase with camera to find, it sure is the crazy bull in a china shop. I photographed the vehicle’s registration numbers front and rear, and the point at which the vehicle struck my wall. The driver sees me and knows he’s been caught. We have a polite conversation between a none Portuguese speaker, that’s me, and the none English speaking driver. He admits his damage and says no problem. Well, it is to me. He provides his company name and walks back to my damaged wall and takes photos on his smart phone. Pity, he was not so smart. So now we shall see if the damage is rectified.

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