Back and With Rust Remover

I’ve been away for some time now and therefore, nothing much has happened but now I’m back, perhaps I’ll get back on track again. It always seems that you make plans and then, something unexpected happens and everything has to be changed and re-planning is required.

When I left Portugal my garden was wonderful and on my return, I thought I’d need some heavy duty equipment to clear the huge amount of growth that had occurred upon thousands of metres. Not having had a garden as such in the past, I was really surprised that nature could produce so much in what seemed, a relatively short time.

I’ve managed to get some things done since back, but the house remains much the same for the most part except, that I have now managed to paint a great deal of exterior metalwork. It sure did need it and all metal, suffered from major rust problems. I brought back some rust remover from the UK just to be sure I had what I needed for the job in hand but having said so, far from enough.

Rust or Paint Remover

Now that I’ve started to find my way around locally, I’ve discovered what appears from the outside, to be a small shop. How wrong first impressions can be. On entering, I was overwhelmed to find that the place was huge and went back a considerable distance. I had come across a store that could fulfil many of my needs.

Whilst at my new favorite new found store and looking around, I was wondering why the isles had no lighting and wished I’d brought a torch to investigated the establishment well. The place is equipped like a B&Q or Homebase in the UK, but in all honesty, far better as there is much greater choice and aimed at both the DIY kid and trade persons also. The possibility to buy a single screw as apposed to a pack, when you don’t need a pack, is also possible. I’ve since discovered that if you need illumination, you switch the lights on yourself and when finish, off again. That makes sense given the costs involved.

In the above mentioned shop and during one of my early visits, I asked the sales guy, who speech very reasonable English, if he had rust remover. I have, I have, I have he says many times and trots off to where it is. I buy it and return home. I then tried it on my very rusty metal railings. It never worked. With the aid of Google I investigated the product name only to discover, it was paint remover and not rust remover. Never mind, I needed a lot of that also. Oh to be handicapped in a language is such a challenge.