The Ferry Crossing

I had to return to the UK to sort out a few issues. You would think that in this day and age, given telecommunications, everything could be done from almost anywhere. That’s not the case in reality when certain institutions require face to face contact.

It was a trip that I did not wish to undertake, but in all honesty, was required as I still had much stuff that needed to be brought back to Portugal. Also, sometime in the near future, I need to visit Spain to arrange collection of all my other possessions in that country.  Those arrangements are or were a big problem as removals from Spain to Portugal are difficult to arrange as most movers do, UK to Portugal or UK to Spain or in reverse and not as I require.

One of the items I needed to bring from the UK was a pair of very tall speakers and this created something of a problem as they could not be placed flat on the floor of my estate car due to the weight that would be imposed upon them and that they would not sit safely upon other items I intended to return with. A large roof box was required.

A roof box was purchased and perhaps it was the biggest (size wise) and best investment I made whilst in the UK. It is very easy to underestimate just how much space will be required for many items. There is also the weight issue and those speaker sure are heavy. The traveled in the roof box well cushioned with clothing and dustsheets and other soft light weight items.

No More Room

Someone said to me some time ago that when they returned from the UK, they could not fit a fag paper more in their car. Well, perhaps I could have got a very little more in, but I did wish to remain with a rear view from the windscreen mirror. Just managed that. Oh, the front seat was covered also as I travel alone.