Become Proficient with a Load of Clocks

I have been looking at myself closely recently, not in the mirror, as on my first admiration, the bleeding thing cracked. No, its been a self diagnosis of my mental health. A self diagnosis was the only real option as being a retard in the Portuguese language, would have left me with further grey matter damage having to converse with a brain surgeon in medical terms.

The problems started due to a desire to have a far more meaningful relationship with those funny shaped characters you see on your latest bill or a piece of paper you’ve received under the table from some potential hot date of 117 years old with a mini skirt, varicose veins, and hairy legs. Or even, those things called numbers on the face of a clock. 

Yes, that’s it, numbers I’m talking about. And I don’t mean the itsy-bitsy zero to vinte stuff but the macho stock exchange kind. Not understanding your cinquenta from your quinhentos gets you all red faced and shitty when that builder bloke, told you it was 10K more than your fantasy brain translated in real terms.

The problem is, how do you learn billions of numbers? You don’t, because in actual fact, there are only a few that you need to remember. The biggest challenge is hearing them correctly when spoken, and if you can be proficient in saying them rapidly, it will help aid your interpretation of what you hear. There is another problem, finding enough random numbers to practice on, on a regular basis. Read on.    

Educational Aids

I considered it most beneficial to have all my timepieces set to different times and all, within my living room. It did not matter how inaccurate they were or even if they were to work backwards, because I could use such inaccurate little marvels of engineering genius to great benefit.

Now on mentioning the word genius, I, the mad man came to the conclusion that I had become somewhat robotic, and those little tic tocs, could break that pattern. Feeling somewhat attached to my instruments of both amusement and education, I named some, one I called clumsy because it seems to loose or gain a few hours now and again. Another I called São, and others, Dez, Cento and Mil. The sand egg timer is crap as it runs out of none biodegradable fuel after about cinco minutos.

Become Proficient with a Load of Clocks

It is said that there is genius in insanity, but I shall be honest and say, til this time, I’ve not found the genius within. However, the robotic nature of me saying Portuguese numbers is at an end and the need to read the speed limits for practice is void of value. São, Dez, Cem, Cento and Mil are my new random practice mates and they sure are brilliant in that respect. There are so many ways to read the time and convert the numbers to the hundreds and thousands. I’ve found it to be a real boost in random number proficiency and response time that does aid what you hear.