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Obidos – A Portuguese Fortified Town

There was a time many moons ago when I used to wonder how much pleasure one would derive from taking a day trip on a coach. I’ve always loved the freedom that a car can provide. This said, I’ve started to discover that as a car passenger, you’re able to concentrate fully on what you’re

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Dog – Remain Loved

This blog post is perhaps a very special one. There are times when people go through a bad patch in life and then something else happens to make what was a bad situation seem even worse. It can happen to all of us and maybe, it’s part of our fate. Am I experiencing the same

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Let that Useless Dog Die

It’s only a dog. Who cares? It’s a stray, with no home and no love. It deserves to be run over. The discomfort and obvious pain is not my concern

Photo Day

Today is Photo Day – April 22nd 2018

Today is hobby day and photography is my hobby, or one of many. The day, Sunday 22nd April 2018, started wet and overcast and I decided to write a post about the blossom that shall be presented at some later time. Because the blossom is only on some trees, I decided to photograph what’s there now for the later post.


The Hillbilly of Portugal

It finally happened. I changed my life. I travelled far and long, across oceans with high seas and killer waves onto new lands and across mountains and rutty tracks to


Who Cares About the Posts

This post is in part due to a reply I receive from someone called David. He sent me a message following my previous post about my inner feelings. Us bloggers


Is it a Cognate, Cognac, Puxe, Push or Pull

You may think that your Portuguese speaking ability improves after a few drinks. It may do so within your own mind, but not to those trying to comprehend what you’re


Blogging Can Be a Challenge

The Journey Can Be Difficult. Sometimes it can be a difficult journey. Sometimes it’s easy and on occasions it all becomes a little confusing. I’m talking about blogging. The writing


I Found an Alien in My Pipe

There is one thing the Portuguese appear to have difficulty working with. Length – like this – L E N G T H as in long. But bless them for


The Portuguese Axeman

They are gone. All those trees I used to hug. Obliterated and now nothing more than harmless stumps in the ground. Stumps that will try to relive but are not

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