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New Ceiling Challenge

When I first started looking for a property in Portugal, I discovered that many had major problems with woodworm. That is, where the property was constructed extensively from wood. I will admit that initially I was looking at houses that were cheap because at that time, funds were limited. However, on my available monies increasing

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Electrician Required – Please

I needed an electrician or sparky as they are nicknamed in the UK. This you would think would be a simple task but, not so in Portugal. I had one here in Portugal a long time back to correct a problem, he did correct it but left many wires just sticking out at various points.

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Spirit Levels

Spirit levels. Those things with a little bubble centred at the mid point along a length of metal. Portugal has them, I’ve seen them in the shops but that’s about


The Honeymood Period Ended

You know when people talk about the honeymoon period. The bliss, the great happiness and total contentment. The period when you thought you’d married that most wonderful person in the


Lichens all About Me

It informs me so I do it. I can’t help it and I do it countless times a day each and every day come rain or sun. It’s the walking


A Death Could Have Been Prevented

The demise of a human. It was funny so I have to tell. Because I bought a crap quality dog harness that failed to unclip after a single use, from


Obidos – A Portuguese Fortified Town

There was a time many moons ago when I used to wonder how much pleasure one would derive from taking a day trip on a coach. I’ve always loved the


Dog – Remain Loved

This blog post is perhaps a very special one. There are times when people go through a bad patch in life and then something else happens to make what was


Let that Useless Dog Die

It’s only a dog. Who cares? It’s a stray, with no home and no love. It deserves to be run over. The discomfort and obvious pain is not my concern

Photo Day

Today is Photo Day – April 22nd 2018

Today is hobby day and photography is my hobby, or one of many. The day, Sunday 22nd April 2018, started wet and overcast and I decided to write a post about the blossom that shall be presented at some later time. Because the blossom is only on some trees, I decided to photograph what’s there now for the later post.


The Hillbilly of Portugal

It finally happened. I changed my life. I travelled far and long, across oceans with high seas and killer waves onto new lands and across mountains and rutty tracks to