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Learning Portuguese

Become Proficient with a Load of Clocks

I have been looking at myself closely recently, not in the mirror, as on my first admiration, the bleeding thing cracked. No, its been a self diagnosis of my mental


Do the Kids Cut the Earth Wire

Shall I suspect the kids thinking about inheritance, perhaps not, maybe the grand children. I doubt it. Maybe some other relative, or is it a government official with a view


It’s Hot in Portugal! Is It?

Many will think of the Mediterranean climate one of pure luxury. One of clear blue skies, great brightness and wonderful warmth. This can be the case and is so, for


A Train Wreck of Borehole Water Supply

A previous train wreck of a job has been rectified and done to a far superior standard than the original. I can’t understand why anyone will undertake a job and


Take My Hand and Guide Me Susana

It is that time of year when some of us make new year resolutions. For me, I make the same old month in and month out, not to mention, week

More Efficient Heating

A switch and soldering iron along with lead can keep you warm is the story of this long overdue blog post. It has been some time since my last post

Painting the House

Portugal is in a different time zone to everywhere else in the world. Time and date appear to mean nothing here. In August I had a couple of painters and