Blogging Can Be a Challenge

The Journey Can Be Difficult.

Sometimes it can be a difficult journey. Sometimes it’s easy and on occasions it all becomes a little confusing. I’m talking about blogging. The writing bit is delightful and easy if not for the odd mistake. Including the images can be fun in their composition to create something original. Blog administration on the other hand can pose more than a few problems. I had some, and they all started when I opted for a more appropriate domain name and self hosting. The domain name change seamed appropriate once I’d moved to Portugal and the self hosting idea, permitted me to create a far more unique blog than the free services allowed. Apart from that, I did not want the adverts that pop up on free hosting. My blog is not a money making exercise, only a hobby.

Having decided to make the changes involved a complete rewrite of my blog from the old to the new. It was not a smooth operation and took considerable time where it was only lately, that I discovered some parts were not working as should. For a start, the subscribe to blog facility did not work properly. I’ll be delighted if it does now, and I also hope the comments section still lives. Second, I added a private message system to the new blog, and in all honesty, forgot to complete it so it lead to a funny blank page for those that tried to message me. I apologise for those mistakes to the people that tried to connect in one form or other. I apologise as I find it infuriating when websites leave you in limbo.  

Now, all appears okay where the only thing I feel needs far more work, is the gallery section. Well, I started this blog for fun, entertainment for the readers and a hobby to keep me occupied. In the case of the latter, little did I know just how busy I’d be when I moved to Portugal.

The Blog Continues

What Shall I do Now

It’s been raining all day and now that I’ve finished messing around with fixing the blog and the rain has ceased, I’ll go and sow some tomato and other seeds. Something I almost forgot this year. How I do enjoy being busy and that’s without the future chickens.

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