This for me is a very sad day because I love Portugal and now wonder what will happen in the future. It has been my wish to reside officially in a beautiful country. A country where I so wished to embrace and become a part of. But now, the future for my dreams is held in the balance. Will I be welcome or considered a liability on the country.

All these problems have developed from the uncontrollable influx of undesirable people into the UK. I understand that not all those that moved to the UK were there to do nothing but benefit from the countries generosity. But, that said, so many have done so and rightly so, the people of Great Briton have voted to disassociate themselves from the European Union basically based on that one problem. I too, resent the influx of people into the United Kingdom whose only reason for being there is to rape the country of its benefits.

This is a sad day, a very sad day indeed and so, this particular post ends.