The Story of My Sorry Car

Those things that have four wheel and get you from A to B, you know the car, can cause so much trouble in life, and perhaps even more so in Portugal due the the high cost of such luxurious items. I have and still possess my beautiful useless UK registered car in Portugal. It’s useless … Read more

Via Verde and the Post Office

This is Simple I’m loving it here and I really do consider it as home. In some ways, I feel totally relaxed as never before but there is a small degree of tension due to Brexit. What the hell, the UK has nothing to offer me and I feel that even with possible future problems, … Read more

A Very Happy Son

Not so much about Portugal and my big move, but I did think I would be registering my BMW 520D there. This post is a follow-up to “Counting Your Chickens – Don’t”. That was a warning to those on limited income. However, following the purchase of poisonous fuel, or more correctly, sold a mixture of … Read more

Junior Gets the Car

Following the breakdown of my much-loved BMW 520D Saloon in Spain, I have since had the car shipped back to the UK with a view to selling it as a non-runner. While speaking with my son, I mentioned this to him and he said he would buy it from me. Well, being a great Dad … Read more