Blogging Can Be a Challenge

The Journey Can Be Difficult. Sometimes it can be a difficult journey. Sometimes it’s easy and on occasions it all becomes a little confusing. I’m talking about blogging. The writing bit is delightful and easy if not for the odd mistake. Including the images can be fun in their composition to create something original. Blog … Read more

It’s Hot in Portugal! Is It?

Many will think of the Mediterranean climate one of pure luxury. One of clear blue skies, great brightness and wonderful warmth. This can be the case and is so, for a great deal of time. The UK government felt it to be the case in their money saving exercise, when they cut the winter heating … Read more

Engaging the Worst of People

I have to say that when you meet a bad person, they sure can be bad. There are differing degrees of badness, and the person I’m talking about is just about the pits. I know he will be in the smallest of minorities, as for the most, I’ve found the Portuguese to be most welcoming … Read more

NIF Number Required for 9 Cent Spend.

There are times when there appears to be no logic in how things work here in Portugal. I’ve bought many items for amounts up to perhaps 1200 euros and almost never have I been asked for my NIF number. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a tax identification number associated to those … Read more

My Electric Wiring Has Retired

It’s a delightful thing being a home owner, and it’s even better when you don’t know what the hell has occurred in that home in past times, and therefore provides many an unexpected surprise. My electrics are dicky and I mean dicky big time. On occasions I feel it’s Christmas Day with the flashing lights … Read more