Painting the House

Portugal is in a different time zone to everywhere else in the world. Time and date appear to mean nothing here. In August I had a couple of painters and decorators over to give me an indication as to the cost of an exterior revamp of my property. I have to say, I was a … Read more

My Electric Wiring Has Retired

It’s a delightful thing being a home owner, and it’s even better when you don’t know what the hell has occurred in that home in past times, and therefore provides many an unexpected surprise. My electrics are dicky and I mean dicky big time. On occasions I feel it’s Christmas Day with the flashing lights … Read more

The Gates were Rotten

The gates were rotten is the title to this post. They were not rotten falling apart but looked rotten and did have a hole in one area. There was a padlock used to secure the driveway gates. Neither the catch worked or the incorporated lock. It was a pain in the bum as always, the … Read more