Lichens all About Me

It informs me so I do it. I can’t help it and I do it countless times a day each and every day come rain or sun. It’s the walking around my garden, orange orchard, wooded area and the complete perimeter of my land. I find it an area so pure, relaxing and wondrous. I’m … Read more

The Portuguese Axeman

They are gone. All those trees I used to hug. Obliterated and now nothing more than harmless stumps in the ground. Stumps that will try to relive but are not permitted to do so because the law says no. Their height has been changed by a murderous chainsaw from trunks to lengths of timber and … Read more

The Rains Have Arrived in Portugal

The weather has been great. But….. For me it has been a wonderful past year here in Portugal. Why? because I’m here. The weather has been incredible, and often, even warmer than the Andalucia area of Spain that’s well know for the beautiful summers. It’s not rained here in Portugal for a considerable time apart … Read more