Do the Kids Cut the Earth Wire

Shall I suspect the kids thinking about inheritance, perhaps not, maybe the grand children. I doubt it. Maybe some other relative, or is it a government official with a view to inheritance tax? It’s a mystery in any case. It’s all to do with cables, and in this instance, the earth wire. You know, the … Read more

A Train Wreck of Borehole Water Supply

A previous train wreck of a job has been rectified and done to a far superior standard than the original. I can’t understand why anyone will undertake a job and do so without forethought. I can appreciate that over time, physical conditions and works will deteriorate, but it was obvious, that the original job was … Read more

The Joys of Free Flowing Running Water

I’m very fortunate in that I have two water supplies. One is via a borehole and the other is a mains supply. I think I’m lucky because in some parts of the world, people have to travel a considerable distance with buckets to collect water of so-so quality. Considering myself fortunate in this respect is … Read more

More Efficient Heating

A switch and soldering iron along with lead can keep you warm is the story of this long overdue blog post. It has been some time since my last post as even, being a retired person, I seem to have had little time to write anything. There have been water leaks here, there and everywhere … Read more

Painting the House

Portugal is in a different time zone to everywhere else in the world. Time and date appear to mean nothing here. In August I had a couple of painters and decorators over to give me an indication as to the cost of an exterior revamp of my property. I have to say, I was a … Read more