Become Proficient with a Load of Clocks

I have been looking at myself closely recently, not in the mirror, as on my first admiration, the bleeding thing cracked. No, its been a self diagnosis of my mental health. A self diagnosis was the only real option as being a retard in the Portuguese language, would have left me with further grey matter … Read more

Disappearing Vowel Sounds

One for Sherlock Holmes: Interesting video and website where I hope there is a follow-up to the current video soon. Have you ever been confused by the way Portuguese natives pronounce their sentences? I sure have and even if we, as learners, know the individual words, when used together they can sound completely unfamiliar. It seems … Read more

Continue with Linguaphone

This Portuguese language sure is difficult. Is it any wonder so many fail in their attempts when the educational material is so poor in the case of European Portuguese. I was speaking to my sister the other day. She lives in Spain and speaks the lingo – somewhat. With her, I was discussing my efforts … Read more