Let that Useless Dog Die

It’s only a dog. Who cares? It’s a stray, with no home and no love. It deserves to be run over. The discomfort and obvious pain is not my concern or that of anyone else. Let it die, the useless creature. Portugal is a wonderful country but it has issues. One of them is the … Read more

The Hillbilly of Portugal

It finally happened. I changed my life. I travelled far and long, across oceans with high seas and killer waves onto new lands and across mountains and rutty tracks to eventually find paradise and become the English Hillbilly of Portugal. All I need now is a still to produce Moonshine, a clay pipe and dirty … Read more

Who Cares About the Posts

This post is in part due to a reply I receive from someone called David. He sent me a message following my previous post about my inner feelings. Us bloggers don’t always receive much feedback, but on occasions, there is feedback that strikes a chord within the heart and it’s appreciated that a reader would … Read more