I have property in the UK that is now rented out and that’s how I maintain my early retirement. Well as all us expats know, the cost of living in England is huge to say the least. The council tax along is enough to break you if you’re not on a good wage. So what you may think. Well the point here is that Portugal is a country that you really can live cheaply in. Now, I understand that you do in fact get what you pay for, but man, let’s face facts, Portugal is cheap if you are prepared to live in a way that you don’t generally live at or live in a way to impress others. As an example, 150 euros a month rent plus electric and gas. Hell man, that’s cheap as chips and let’s face it, what more does a single person need. One more thing, that included both off street parking and wifi. There is a down side, the coffee down the lane costs 70 cents a cuppa. Ha, ha.