Dad’s Death – 1st Anniversary

It has been a little while since I posted on my blog and in this instance, it was because I was prompted by someone on the Expats Portugal Forum wondering what had happened to me. My reply was as follows.

Ashley is still here so no fear there. I’m itching to get out to Portugal with the only real holdup being the fact my Dad died 1st April last year (2013) and I’ve been looking after my Mum since then in the Uk with one trip out to Spain – The Land of Lost Hope and Illegal Properties.

Very soon I’m hoping to pop back over to Spain and leave my mother there to be looked after by my sister who lives opposite Mum’s villa. Then, I hope to escape my predicament, go to Portugal, rent there and start the search for my new home and life. Only then perhaps, I’ll have something of importance to write on my blog – Portugal4Me. That’s the plan anyway if I’m lucky.

Wish me luck as I seem to be the only one who looks after Mum and her needs in the UK and transport back and to, to Spain. I wish Dad was here but he’s not and I don’t mind helping my elderly Mum.


The words in the image above are very apt at this time. They say “It’s been a year since you passed away. The way I miss you is very different now. I hope you know how much you meant to us. I still think about you every day. I love and miss you in my very special way.”