Disappearing Vowel Sounds

One for Sherlock Holmes: Interesting video and website where I hope there is a follow-up to the current video soon.

Have you ever been confused by the way Portuguese natives pronounce their sentences? I sure have and even if we, as learners, know the individual words, when used together they can sound completely unfamiliar. It seems this is often because some written vowels mysteriously vanish when spoken. Pop, poooof and woooosh, gone into thin air on exhaling. I’ve tried to figure this trait within the Portuguese language, to no avail.

Watch the following short video, because hopefully soon, a new video lesson will be added to help master vowel pronunciation and explain where those vowels went. One sure can hope.

See here for more > Practice Portuguese

PracticePortuguese say, you’ll learn why these vowel sounds disappear and understand European Portuguese better in their following video tutorial while making your own accent sound more native at the same time.

The idea between the two running PracticePortuguese really seems great as it’s specifically aimed at European Portuguese. Looking over the site I was disappointed to see that their blog section, going back to August 2013, has lost all posts. I think that this is something they need to rectify, given it could be a reflection on further developments of a pay monthly membership site that could be helpful to potential future members.

All in all, it may be a site worth monitoring for future developments and I would suggest the reader here, follows their link as provided above. If you read what is offered, it appears promising with transcripts and explanations of recordings. Best of all, one of the two operators is a native of Portugal called Rui, and the other, a Canadian named Joel, plus, they speak clearly and not to quickly.