Do we really need it

Living in Portugal is totally different to the UK and many other countries also. I tend to describe Portugal as a country in some kind of time warp. You sure do have to adapt and if you’re not able to, perhaps you’ll not survive in this wondrous place. It suites me fine as I don’t like what I’ve seen happen over the last 50 years, in the so called progressive and advanced parts, of the modern world. The likes of the UK is a prime example. In some ways, I’m delighted to be in this time warp place called Portugal. 

We have all become too materialistic and dependent on produces intended for convenience and a so called better and easier life. It is now the case, many are only able to survive with the modern day offerings of life. Don’t get me wrong, I love much of modern life and the conveniences, but the truth is, modern has taken control of how we live and so much of the beauty of past years is lost forever. The dreaded Iphone for example. In that case, you’re not hip unless you’ve been sucked into the clever marketing suggesting you can’t live without the i-thing attached to your hand where it receives undivided attention adding to ones demise whilst being hit by the vehicle that did, in fact, have the right of way when Iphone user failed to look left and right before crossing the road. Pity the baby in the buggy got crushed by the 10 ton truck also.

We all seem to be too busy communication and playing with something wireless to be really communicating with others around us. I knew someone that emailed and sent text messages to someone in the same house just one floor up or down. Hell, what’s going on. The truth was, that was the only way the retarded people there could communicate.

At one time, we would sit around a table and eat together and do so without a television monopolizing the room. One of the big differences immediately noticeable in this time warp place called Portugal is, that the supermarkets, do not stock or offer the countless tins of various prepared foods. As for, real convenience ready meals, there are almost none unless you count the Pizzas and even then, the selection is small. I brought some tins of food with me and thought I would miss their availability in Portugal once used. The truth is, I’ve not missed them in the slightest and have thoroughly enjoyed preparing and cooking foods from raw produce and as such, I know what I’m eating and only used two of what I’d brought tin wise.