Dog – Remain Loved

This blog post is perhaps a very special one. There are times when people go through a bad patch in life and then something else happens to make what was a bad situation seem even worse. It can happen to all of us and maybe, it’s part of our fate. Am I experiencing the same now? Yes, but in reverse. I came to Portugal and it seemed all my dreams had come true. I was finally here in the land of paradise and now, the reality had set in and it was a fantastic feeling almost beyond explanation. After a short time, I went through a slight bad patch while in rented accommodation, but again, my fate changed. Why? Because I was then fortunate in the purchase of my home in this beautiful country and so, everything seemed perfect from my point of view and that it was not possible to experience a better life.

That Was Before Peppie

Followers of this blog will see I’m a happy person, well for the most. I like everyone has the odd down day, even if for some minor reason, but as the story unfolds, everything gets better as the days, weeks and months pass. 

Just a short time ago I posted about a stray dog I’d seen relatively local to me. It was a pitiful creature doing little more than existing on scraps of lord knows what. My blog posts are also feed through to my Facebook pages where it was read that I’d take in a stray dog to provide it a better life. Within a short time of me posting about the dog, I received several offers of dogs that needed a home. If I could home them all, perhaps I would. One in particular caught my attention more than other offers, and so, I’m delighted with the power of the web.

I was provided a small amount of information about a dog that had become homeless to a point, due to its owners dying within a few months of each other. A sad situation indeed had the carers not had the heart to care for this little creature of nature. I was informed he was small and very affectionate and that his age was unknown. His age matters little as whatever it is, he deserves love and attention. I saw a photo of him and almost fell in love with him immediately. Just through his single image and beautiful eyes. I made contact with the keeper and truly wanted to visit there and then. That, maybe would have been a little inappropriate so a few days later was arranged.

The time ticked by with possibly little time without this little chap on my mind. The day of my visit came and before my arrival, something told me we were for each other. Perhaps it was the warm expression in his eyes. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by him and one other of man’s best friend. My heart dissolved a little. I spoke with the previous keepers for some time, not just about the dog but other things also. Maybe, it was like an interview, after all, it’s only right that the previous carers should feel confident that this stranger to them, me, was appropriate for a little inoffensive hound they had cared for in bad times.

The story goes that I left with him. Wow, I had my dog in the car and we were going home. A new caring place for him to receive all the love and attention deserved. On my arrival home, out of the car he was with lead on. Lead. I’m not going to chance loosing him. Well, we had some fun as we were tripping over the now extended lead between us and eventually, whilst out of sight and in the garden, he slipped his lead. Frantic I was, looking here and there only to find him sitting by the garden gate. Relief.

We went for a few walks and the lead worked in a fashion. Seems he’s not a lead type doggy. Between us and with a pocket full of treats, our confidence soon expanded. His new dad has the dinner and treats.

A couple of days pass and we appear to be bonding and it’s wonderful for us both. He knows where his food is and starts to feel he belongs to this new place, so I’m brave and try a 100 metre drive and he follows me. Hell, this is a problem. Yes it was because I drove slowly and he was able to trot just behind the car. So I try another tactic, after having him follow me back home while I drive. I try again at a speed that he can’t keep up with. Seemed to work as I hide the car and walk back to the house to see if he was there. He was, having decided that his little legs could not keep up. After a short time I discover he feels this is his home and wishes to remain. I make some more very short journeys with increased time absence. He remains at his new home.

Between us, it seems we’re wanting each other and he decides this new free digs is a good place to reside. Each of us is feeling more good with each other as time passes and it’s like a magical experience as our relationship starts to develop. We’re still doing the bonding bit, and eventually, given time, we’ll both feel totally at ease with each other.

So what is the name of this dog? Good question. His original given name is unknown but the previous cares called him Peppie. I had decided my next dog would be called Fourpaws having thought about a four legged companion for what seems like an eternity. On reflection, and following a friend of mine saying Fourpaws was a bit of a mouthful when calling him, I decided that his name shall remain as Peppie.

Peppie Checking Out His Homeland

Those Final Thoughts

Yes, for me, even though I was so happy with my new life in Portugal, and thinking things could not be better, have discovered that I have yet further joy in my life. Peppie.

At this point, perhaps a very sincere thanks to both Alan Stenhouse for the contact with Lois and hubby the previous good keepers. Alan owns the The Chilli Experience a chillie farm in Portugal near me. Also, a most sincere thanks to Lois for trusting me to take care of her past charge, Peppie. Lois’s husband sells home made sausages in the Miranda do Corvo Market for those interested.