Escape Following Much Deliberation

The Wheels will Soon be Turning.

Finally I’m getting underway following much deliberation over this Portugal4Me problem and where to go and live within Portugal. It truly is taking me ages and it seems that it’s been one problem after another to make the move. Though still not making it, I ought to be one step closer as I have now booked accommodation for a month 20 kms south of Coimbra at a place called Egídio de Oliveira, Pousafoles. The accommodation I booked through Airbnb so it will be interesting to see how it turns out having not used such a service before.

The location from my point of view is ideal as I’m hoping to settle centrally. The current thinking is that I shall relocate to in or around Coimbra, Gois, Tomar, Fatima, Figueira da Foz, Costelo Branco. These parts of Portugal really appeal mainly due to the climate and greenery. I have a feeling that Costelo Branco will be out as from what I understand, it gets extremely hot there. If I run out of time at the booked pad, I shall book another place somewhere else. My Uk escape is on the 7th June via Portsmouth.

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