Everything Takes So Long

Location, Location, Location.

It seems to me, sorting myself out is taking forever in this move to Portugal. I’ve made little progress as of late, but perhaps I’m on the road to recovery now. I hope so.

Apart from a few little hiccups, location seems to be the problem. I posted on a forum about this problem and here is one of my replies to some of the comments I received.

In Reply

My sister moved to Spain about ten years ago, and she said to me, you should do what I did, just move to Portugal or wherever you want to go. At the time, she was mid 40’s.  She’d bought a new build at a top price and had enough money saved to live off. The interest rates where good at the time and the exchange rate was near on 1.5 to £1. She also had a job that paid her everyday expenses. On her telling me, just do as I did, I replied, you don’t know what the future holds and I wish to feel financially secure not just now, but in 20 years or so.

She’s never admitted it, but perhaps she’s thought back to what I said since the interest rates are now so poor that they are hardly worth considering. The exchange rate is now not so good, and inflation has increased far beyond what she could have thought possible for Spain. Electric, gas, food, not to mention the Spainish taxes and other money grabbing the government undertakes. She’s had little or no work for years, and where she is working now, in a bar, the owner is closing up for a short time due to family problems.

Her property is deemed illegal, and as such, worth far less than she paid with the economy not helping, and that’s if she could even sell it. At one time, she was really enjoying her life but in her heart, now, I’m sure that she does not feel the same as initially. Also, and here’s the point of the post. She lives in an area which is sparsely populated and there is little that goes on in the immediate vicinity, so wishes she had bought a flat in a largish town with no garden as she has now, with the villa.

For myself, now I’d love to be in the sticks but would that be a good idea in 5, 10 or 20 years. I’m fit now, but what about the future. Another point, is are the small villages going to be able to remain operating and survive with more and more people moving into city areas. More the younger generation I’m thinking here. Will you be able to get the provisions you get now in the future.

I’m alone so don’t really need to consider anyone else. However, as a male, I’d be more likely to die before a wife or partner. That can be cruel on the person remaining and especially so in more isolated places. Let us not forget health, and the fact that more remote properties may become even more difficult to sell than already the case, and especially so if the local vicinity has little or nothing to offer. It can be hard to come to a conclusion of what is best and especially so when the future is unknown.

Personally, I would not like to live in a big city, or any densely populated area. The sea has little pull for me. I like the greenery, trees, hills and valleys. I don’t need the local computer shop or any high-tech shop for that matter. At the same time, I would not like too be too isolated.

Some friends of mine bought a property in France that was very isolated, they bought it with their son and daughter in-law. In the end, they were unable to survive in part due to health reasons. The son and daughter in law had established thier lives here and are working and they have a child, born in France. The parents moved back to the UK and are now in rented accommodation as one, the property would not sell easily, and more to the point, would totally disrupt their son’s life. And why, maybe because they never bought in the right place initially.

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