Execution of Death in Portugal

It Ends With Sadness

There is to be a death sentence in Portugal. No, I am incorrect, there are to be millions upon millions. The victims are not all together at fault of their own demise. Others, so many others are ultimately responsible and yet, the sentence is against so much innocence. I talk of trees, countless trees that have fallen victim to new legislation and the imposing of past. There goes the problem in the word past. Past laws have not been abided by, few have taken action to help prevent the death of so many good people. Had past laws been enforced, then such actions of today, perhaps, would not have been so necessary or threatening to the lands of Portugal and its beauty. There is to be devastation that perhaps could have been avoided.

I find myself falling victim to the new laws. Do I disagree with them. Ultimately no, but disagree in part. Something needed to be done and should have been done in the past. I am passionate about my land and the trees upon it. I have done all I can to act in a responsible way. I have cleared the land and kept it clear of unnecessary growth and deadwood. I have done so because it is sensible and necessary and yet, all around me I see land neglected. Land waiting to ignite and cause more pointless deaths and heartache.

Well Maintained Land

Required Because People Neglect Land

I must do what I must do and decimate my beautiful land. I do so with a degree of resentment towards those that have failed to play by the rules and act responsibly instead of, simply reaping the financial rewards the land can offer. The are many issues here. So many simple landowners are very dependent on the tree growth for the heat it can provide within the home. The fifty metre rule will be detrimental to their well being and cause others to die. How can so many people afford the inflated charges for cylinder gas within Portugal. Further, often the trees provide shelter from scorching temperatures and so, there is another problem not to mention the rapid regrowth.

There are Many Sides to the Eucalyptus Story

Seeing as I am compelled to comply, I try to take a more light hearted view of the situation so as not to become so mentally disturbed. I am not in control of the situation and consider the comical side from my point of view and conclude with the following.

Left Without a Choice

I travelled 18km yesterday for a 1 euro ball of string. It needed it to be long, very long, very very long indeed. The string needs to be more that 50 metres long. Now I need a number of bamboo canes, a piece of wood a little over a metre long and two nails and a little hammer. I will drive the nails into the wood so they are a metre apart. The string needs a little loop at the end where I’ll hook it over one nail. After this, I’ll traverse between the nails 50 times to provide a 50 metre length of string. I shall create a knot at that point.

When it is dry, I shall photograph my pre-murdered trees a million times so I can drool over them in future times. When it is dry I shall measure not 1cm more than 50 metres from the house and mark with canes. Following the above with tears in my eyes I shall start my new chainsaw and decimate my land to leave a billion tree stumps. The destruction shall not provide the full answer as new little shoots of life shall try to survive in a heartless world.


There is the Beauty

There is the Horror

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