Experience the Euphoria of Portugal

How is it I can have tears in my eyes? Am I not happy? I came to Portugal to fulfil a dream. Did it all go wrong for me? I ask, what could cause the tears? There is a simple answer. Total ease and complete contentment with my life. We can cry over deaths, disappointments and many other forms of heartache. But, there is the other side, the side where one feels so totally complete and content with what one has that it bring tears to the eyes. Tears of pure joy.

In the UK people perhaps would say I had it all. A beautiful home, good health, a collection of valuable cars and a person that was financially secure. Those observations were how others saw me. They were perhaps based on thinking that material items were more important than freedom of the mind and spirit and the desire for a more simplistic life. They were perhaps the thoughts of people that never understood me for how I am. I have always been an ambitious person and perhaps that’s how I succeeded in the ultimate dream of many years. Portugal. Yes, in fact, ambition secured the dream of many years that on occasions, seemed an impossibility.

People that knew me in the past may consider my home in Portugal as shabby. Is it shabby? Perhaps compared to my previous, but I add here, I desired a more simple life and I have one now and even if others were to consider the place as shabby, I don’t give a toss. It’s my wonderful home in Portugal and that’s what counts. The material things matter little these days. The fully equipped kitchen, the plush carpets throughout and the central heating without the months of a daily toil just to keep warm over the cooler period here is now the reality of a simple life. For me, the past is history. It is a history of education and one which took me to where I truly feel at home.

Today I awoke late and was horrified to a small extent as it’s simply something I almost never do. My first thoughts following that, were, I had so much to do. Perhaps that’s why I was horrified. Was disappointment in my late start justified? No. What does it matter as I’m free like a bird and time is my own alone.

So what is the point of this posting? It’s aimed at those with a desire to change their life and fulfil their dream of whatever form. It is also a post to express inner feelings to perhaps encourage others in their journey.

For me, today was again a very special day because I continued to feel the joys that simplicity brings. Working in my garden, driving around seeking seeds for vegetables and seeds to create a garden with greater colour variation. During my drive I stopped at a couple of points just to absorb the beautiful scenery, it is such that it makes me feel very emotional. Is the so much to do statement, as mentioned above a handicap? No. Far from it. It is part of a wonderful new life I dreamed of and following my busy day, I’m left with such a relaxed feeling of contentment to the point of euphoria. A feeling that makes me dance alone with the joys of my life resulting in yet more slight tears due to happiness. I ask those with similar dreams to please never give up on those dreams.

The Beauty of Back to Basics

There will perhaps be some that read this and think to themselves what an emotional idiot. Yes I know such people exist. Does this matter? No. I started this blog to tell a story and I’ll do so honestly and in full. But for those that don’t understand the emotion involved, I say, it matters little if you fail to understand, many others will empathise.