Finally A and P Meet

A few days ago I met someone that I’d been in contact with on and off for perhaps three or four years since I first seriously considered moving to Portugal. I had followed this persons blog with the greatest of interest for a considerable amount of time and truly felt that I know this person. I also related my own life to theirs to a great extent as there seemed to be so many similarities and dreams for both their and my future. Our first person to person meeting in Portugal was, as I had hoped, a pleasure.

I have traveled often to this persons beautiful lanes within central Portugal via Google street maps so knew how to visit their home place without due difficulty. I had agreed to meet them a short distance from their home where it seems, I screwed up and arrived at the wrong place. Only by a few miles, but still the incorrect place. Upon my error, I contacted my fried and was delighted to arrange to meet them at their home. Upon arrival, I was welcomed as if I had known them personally for years and years. I’m so very pleased to have met with my online friend after so long. May I thank them for their support and encouragement.