On the day of the promissory contract being signed, the previous owner stated that she was unsure of the address of what she was selling. Uh what? Get real lady. Can it not be a simple question and answer of what the property address is. Okay, we’re in Portugal and not everything works as in the UK and perhaps, as you’re getting on in years ‘a senhora’, you’ve forgotten the address of your second country home. So, it all started there, one may think .

On the day of completion the previous owner gave me an old water bill with the address of my new home on it. Great, now I know where I’ll be living. Okay, we’re in Portugal and again, things are not so simple. Anyway, to keep the story short, following the sale completion, my lawyer contacted the electric company to have the contract put into my name. So, I have an address based on the electric bill. A short time later, I had an internet and satellite TV installed. Funny thing is, the address used was different and based on the water bill.

After getting the internet connected, I was able to receive the electric supply contract via email. I’m not very mobile internet and email wise as I don’t have a smart phone, but do possess a largish laptop.  Contract address, different again. Next, I received the deeds for my property so I looked at them to determine the exact and correct address, again via email. That has to be correct, all agree? No, no address on the deeds, only plot numbers. Now, this does all get somewhat confusing.

Me being a tad laid back I forgot to update the tax office of my address so made a point of doing so on the following Monday. Off I trot to the tax office only to find that as the address of my residenca certificate was not the same as my declared new address at the tax office there was a little problem. Or was it the other way around, can’t remember now.  Okay, so first things first. Sort out the tax office address. I gave them my address as stated by the previous owner. No, not right as that never matched the address on my new electric bill contract. The tax office asks me how many properties I have – ur, just the one. So where the hell do I live. Okay, I have post that is coming from the electric company, I think, to the previous owner, so what do I do, use that. At least it’s an address that the Portuguese postal service seem to recognize and I also have a billing electric contract at that same address.

Following this correct or otherwise address being accepted, everything stated to run smoothly and following, I was able to update my residencia address now that my tax address seemed correct. Most odd I must say. Surely, it would seem possible that a fixed address could be attached to a particular built property. Maybe not! I did consider asking my opposite neighbour, but given he asked me my address, it would seem pointless to do so. I’ll point out, he’s lived there for 30 odd years. I’m not the first with this dilemma as someone else I know is convinced their address has changed since they first purchased based on a street name sign being attached to his property.