Is It a Bed of Roses or the Glasses

I have had a wonderful day today in my Portugal, relaxing, enjoying the warmth and appreciating the cloudless endless blue skies all around me. I awoke at my own leisure to the chirping of birds through the open doorway of the place where I can feel safe and secure. There have been no problems apart from a little difficulty on the internet connection side of things. Consequently,  I was unable to communicate with friends and the like. I could say, my day has been perfect. I could say, it is like a dream come true and that I am at harmony with that, which surrounds me. I can also tell you, I was thinking about my life, as often I do, along with the direction it has taken and I hope, for the better. I suspect it will. But note, I used the words hope and suspect, for in the reality of life itself, there are no cast iron guarantees and Brexit proves the point if you felt sure of a remain vote.

I also thought about some of the blogs I followed before now and blogs that I still check up on from time to time, to see what is happening. Many have died, too many, there is no action, nada, nothing, dead, lifeless domains. They are finished and dormant remnants of past happiness and dreams of those that started them. On a few, you will read, we are returning back to…..  It can be a sad thing to discover because, those people, had come to this wonderful land with such dreams only to have their dreams shattered and potentially, their lives also when things failed to works as planned and hoped.

There are some, where failure is ahead before they even step foot into Portugal or any other country. It is inevitable.  Such people seem to be plenty and many of them have similar trails where they think, a move is nothing much more than a picnic in the park. So frequently they fail to comprehend what is really involved and at stake and as is said, see things thought rose-tinted glasses. Others around them will see the pitfalls, but those rose-tinted glasses are all too perfect to view life in a realistic and sensible way.

Portugal is wonderful without doubt and that’s why I’m here, but at the same time, nothing is perfect. It is not a bed or roses for all that embark on moving here and a close look at the faces of the ordinary Portuguese working class, will reveal there can be great hardship. Portugal, though magical in its own right, can be torturous on its inhabitants and also on those that wish to come here for a better life if not prepared. It could be better for those that seek an extraordinary lifestyle, but only if you have researched the subject of moving thoroughly and are realistically in a position both financially and mentally to reside in a country than perhaps can’t offer you a job. There is no certainty of employment and in all honest, little likelihood without a specialist trade and the ability to speak the language well. For your own sake, if considering a move, think of the future carefully and research it fully from all possible angles. Only then, will you discover the pitfalls or potential lasting happiness.