It’s Hot in Portugal! Is It?

Many will think of the Mediterranean climate one of pure luxury. One of clear blue skies, great brightness and wonderful warmth. This can be the case and is so, for a great deal of time. The UK government felt it to be the case in their money saving exercise, when they cut the winter heating allowance to the underpaid and under valued pensioners residing in the Med, often, on a pittance of income. The Mediterranean climate has its seasons like all other regions of the world, and includes a winter.

Winter can be cold here and there are many degrees of coldness. There is cool-cold, cold, bleeding cold and f__ing freezing cold where a male’s balls can become stiffened in objection to the temperature. It is the case that more northern territories such as the UK will become colder, but it sure is easier to stay warmer with the splendid endless supply of piped gas adding considerably to the annual fuel bill.

Portuguese properties are not designed to stay warm for the most, and few have central heating systems and insulation is something that most consider a worthless expense. Their attitude is another layer of clothing and then another and another until they look like the Michelin Man. In some respects, this is sensible thinking, but there are limits.

Solutions exist here in Portugal. You could take a 5 mile jog with your zimmer frame. Argue with a wife until your blood is boiling or for something more relaxed, go out and build up a sweat by chopping wood for the log fire. Not always will this be necessary or even feasible, so an alternative is required. 

One alternative is to venture out of the home into the colder air and seek out the rays of delightful sunlight, and bask in the sun like a lizard. Here and now, it is 11 degrees within, 3 outside. But, there is a luxury in feeling the glorious warming rays of beautiful sunlight to dissolve the teeth chattering interior coolness. I have discovered this as the answer, and I’m sure, even nipples would benefit from such adventures.

I'm No Prude - Basking in the Sun - No, Tis Not Me

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