I’ve Got Itchy Feet

I’m as free as a bird, well almost, but can’t really get this move to Portugal going fast enough and it’s causing me to have itchy feet. Basically, the problem is I have a collection of classic cars to shift. That said, I have an agent dealing with them. At this time, I am also working on developing an income for when I eventually move to Portugal. That, will be self running or as close to so as is possible. No, this is not Portugal based. Further, following the death of my Dad in April 2013, I’m also doing my level best to look after my elderly Mum who lives between England and Spain, hence my visits there – in part, where I’m chauffeur also. To make matters even worse, I feel a degree of guilt at leaving her to get along on her own following the lose of Dad. She says, if you want to go to Portugal, do so. I know that’s not what she really thinks.

Unfortunately, at the moment I seem to be able to do little more than read and read more about Portugal’s various areas and view properties over the internet. It would seem so simple that all I do is take myself off to my dream land, rent a property and go from there. Not the case. Whilst writing this, I do wonder how others progressed and consequently, got the ball rolling.