Following the breakdown of my much-loved BMW 520D Saloon in Spain, I have since had the car shipped back to the UK with a view to selling it as a non-runner. While speaking with my son, I mentioned this to him and he said he would buy it from me. Well, being a great Dad and not wishing him to purchase, I told him he could have the car for free. Following this conversation and hearing about another person in Spain, having the same problem with contaminated fuel, from the same garage and insured by the same company, Saga, I discovered that the insurance company could well pay out on a repair. Furnished with this information, I contacted Saga, and sure enough, they have agreed to foot the bill.

Having discovered the above, now my son will receive a 27,000 mile dream of a car. Perhaps I offered it to him too soon, but I don’t mind and especially so as it fills a dream he’s had for many a long day. Apart from that, it’s Christmas and I’ve now also purchased a new Tourer equipped with electric tow bar that’s far more practical for my travels around Spain, and eventual move to Portugal. Oh such fun I anticipate and a car idea for a future dog.