Leaks and not those of Leek

I’ve got a brilliant house in a wonderful location with piped water and electric where I could hardly ask for more. There is however one thing that drive me crazy and it’s the poor electrics and constant water leaks. The electric I’ll improve with time, but the water leaks, seem like a big problem with squirts here there and everywhere and that’s those I can see. The latest is from a ruptured and rusty pressure vessel that keeps the borehole pump ticking over constantly every 15 minutes for 2 seconds. In some respects, having the pump is like a leak detector.

I have the mains supply coming in from one direction and the borehole supply from another and each in under a ton of earth or concrete. To make matters worse, I don’t know the route of the piping. It seems some goes under a room where grapes would be pressed underfoot. Here the floor is of marble. The pipe then travels along a wall and then down into the ground, back through an outside wall, under a road, to then feed a water tank on land I have opposite.

This part is a major concern as the road is tarmac and public use. In the case of the borehole, that seems relatively simple apart from the depth of the pipe and a retaining wall alongside the driveway. The driveway is concrete at one end and marble slab at the other. Somewhere beneath, there are pipes but the question is where?

So Many Old Pipes

Ideally, I would call people in to rip up all the concrete and marble parts and install new pipes throughout. That would cost a fortune and is very open ended as the newer main house has tiled floors throughout laid on concrete. It’s not just a matter of labour cost as one of the things with me is that I pride myself on being a keen do it yourself-er. Here in Portugal it’s a different ballgame with different systems. I know of someone who had a UK shower tray. They could not get it to fit the Portuguese pipes. Don’t ask me why. In some ways I’m glad I never tackled a ruin, in others, perhaps it could have been easier as I’d be starting from scratch.

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