Let that Useless Dog Die

It’s only a dog. Who cares? It’s a stray, with no home and no love. It deserves to be run over. The discomfort and obvious pain is not my concern or that of anyone else. Let it die, the useless creature. Portugal is a wonderful country but it has issues. One of them is the care and attention to the dog. Today I was at my local bar that I try to visit daily so that I feel as part of the local community. On my arrival, there was this obvious stray dog that stood in the path of my moving car. It was willing me to run it over and end its misery and yet, at just the shortest distance, it decided that even with all the pain and truly noticeable discomfort and suffering of this unfortunate mutt, it valued its own life enough to step aside and therefore permit itself to continue with a dreadful existence.

I parked and entered the cafe and after requesting my drink, went back outside to observe the dog more closely. I felt heartbroken over the state of this poor little girl. Limping with claws far too long and from my observations, probably deformations to its rear legs. Its hair was totally matted and missing completely in places. It appeared to have part of its ear missing and was so under weight that I’m not sure how it had the energy to remain on four feet.

I was so very tempted to abduct this dog but feared that perhaps there was some none caring owner. I have wanted a dog for a long time now and in the past, had both a King Charles Cavalier and a Newfoundlander. I so much wanted to replace my King Charles as she became the best friend I ever had. Complete loyalty, even on occasions when I perhaps failed to respect and return the love and attention she showed towards me.

In Portugal, perhaps the King Charles is a less than usual dog and those that are here, are fortunate enough to live a happy life as it’s a breed that one is unlikely to see as a stray and good money will be required to own one. My thoughts have now changed completely as of today’s experience.

I still desire a small dog and because I care for these wonderful animals, I’ve delayed my acquisition due to fear of injury as there is a road that runs past my property. The road is minor and has very little traffic. But still, I would feel so irresponsible should man’s best friend be hit by a vehicle as I have relatively easy escape without boundary fencing. This is an issue I shall deal with very soon.

Now, however, it is decided following today’s episode, to provide a better life of a dog that has been rejected by much of Portugal and considered as little more than rubbish fit for the bin. Now, I shall find a four legged companion that nobody loves and give it the chance in life to feel cared for, loved and appreciate for what it is. A living creature that is capable of offering us humans so much for very little in return.

Today I fully learned how people can devote their lives to helping neglected creatures we share our planet with. I am fortunate to live a good life and I shall share that fortune with something far less fortunate than myself. A past stray dog.

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